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What is ISOGG?

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) was founded in 2005 by DNA project administrators who shared a common vision: the promotion and education of genetic genealogy. Our mission is to advocate for and educate about the use of genetics as a tool for genealogical research, and to promote a supportive network for genetic genealogists.

This Wiki was established for the benefit and education of the genetic genealogy community. To contribute to this Wiki please join ISOGG (it's free!). If you don't have information to contribute enjoy reading the articles on this website.

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In genetic genealogy a match is considered to exist when a comparison of the DNA test results of two persons suggests there is a high probability of them sharing a common genetic ancestor within a relevant period of time. The testing companies each set their own criteria to determine what constitutes a match, and the criteria vary depending on the type of test taken (Y chromosome DNA test, mitochondrial DNA test or autosomal DNA test). the Genetics Glossary.

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