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Geographical DNA projects collect and collate DNA results from a specific country or region. The entry requirements for membership of a geographical project will vary from project to project. For some projects it will be necessary to provide a pedigree to prove your origin in the specific country or region. In some cases it is necessary to have a specific surname associated with the region in question. Other projects will adopt a more flexible approach and will permit entry to anyone with a family tradition of origin or heritage from the country or region.

There are four main types of geographical project:

The vast majority of large geographical projects are hosted at Family Tree DNA.

Geographical projects can provide a useful entrée to the world of DNA testing for men whose surname is not yet represented in a surname DNA project. A Y-DNA test can be ordered through a geographical project in order to benefit from the discounted project pricing. Both men and women who have taken a mtDNA test can submit their results to the relevant geographical project and have the opportunity to compare their results with other people from the same region. By joining a geographical project the participant will often benefit from the advice of an experienced project administrator. For instructions and screenshots of the FTDNA Join Project process see How to join an FTDNA project.

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  • Baltic Sea Y-DNA Project Administrator: Stanislaw Plewako
  • Banat DNA Project (Y-DNA and mtDNA) The Banat DNA Project welcomes the descendants of the settlers that migrated eastward, primarily in the 1700s, from various former German States and settled lands in the Danube Basin of south-central Europe. These settlers, later referred to as Danube Swabians (or "Donauschwaben" in German), lived in communities which are located today in Hungary, Romania, and countries of the former Federation of Yugoslavia. Administrator: Scott Aaron
  • Basque DNA Project
  • Benelux Y-DNA Project Administrator: Jules Van Laar
  • Benelux mtDNA Project (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) Administrator: Jules Van Laar
  • Belarus DNA Project (Y-DNA and mtDNA) Administrator: Eugene Matyushonok
  • Belarusian Nobility (Y-DNA)
  • Belgium Walloon DNA Project (Y-DNA and mtDNA)
  • The Brabant DNA Project (Y-DNA) The project was launched in 2009 to analyse the Y-DNA composition of the old Duchy of Brabant (modern Brussels and the provinces of Walloon and Flemish Brabant, Antwerp and the Dutch province of North Brabant). It was later expanded to cover the other provinces of Flanders, then Wallonia and the whole of Belgium. The project is subsidised by the Belgian government. Project Manager: Marc van den Cloot. Assistant Project Manager: Marc Gabriels.
  • British Isles Debbie Kennett's list of DNA projects for the British Isles
  • People of the British Isles Project
  • Bulgarian DNA Project Administrator: Mira Sydney










  • Madeira DNA Project (Y-DNA and mtDNA) Administrators; Katherine Borges and José A. Fernandes
  • Manx DNA project A Y-DNA project for men with ancestry from the Isle of Man. Established August 2010. Administrator: John Creer
  • Malta DNA Project (Y-DNA and mtDNA) Established 2008.









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