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There are a number of public DNA databases that can be used by the genetic genealogist. Some provide a facility for people to enter their DNA results and search for close or exact matches. Other databases are publicly searchable but it is not possible to input your own results.

List of DNA databases

MTDNA databases

Y-DNA databases

Ysearch tips

  • If you are NOT the Administrator of a project, and you want to make contact with a participant, use the link http://www.ysearch.org/search_start.asp?providerkey= and add the FTDNA Kit Number. This will show you the Ysearch ID of the participant. From this you can view the participant's record including his name and you then have the facility to contact the participant through the Ysearch messaging system.
  • If you are an FTDNA project administrator you can see whether or not the members of your project have a Ysearch account by going to the "Paternal Ancestry" page. If you hover your cursor over the Ysearch icon for a member, then on the Status Bar of your browser you will see the Ysearch UserID at the end of the URL. Obviously, you need to have the Status Bar in your browser turned on. If the Ysearch icon for a member is 'greyed out', he has not transferred his results to Ysearch.

Autosomal SNP databases

Autosomal STR databases

Former DNA databases

The SMGF website and databases were taken down on 14th May 2015 and there are no plans to reinstate them.[1]

  • Ybase (Wayback Machine version from November 2010), a public Y-STR database sponsored by DNA Heritage. The domain name was purchased by Family Tree DNA when it acquired DNA Heritage in 2011. The database has been offline from 2011 onwards and it is not known if FTDNA have any plans to resurrect it.

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