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Full Genomes Corporation
Type Inc.
Industry Genetic genealogy
Founded 2013
Founder(s) Justin Loe, Leon Kull, Paul Conroy, Abdullah Marafi
Headquarters Rockville, Maryland, USA
Area served International
Products Genome NGS Sequencing, Interpretation (SNPs, STRs, Phylogeny)
Website www.fullgenomes.com

Full Genomes Corporation was founded in 2013 to make next generation sequencing technology available for the DTC (direct to consumer) market focusing on the Y chromosome. The founders are well known citizen scientists and active in the genetic genealogy community. The headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland, in the USA.



  • Justin Loe, MS, CEO
  • Leon Kull, Director Data Analysis
  • Greg Magoon, PhD, Y-chromosome Analytical Consultant

Y-DNA comprehensive sequencing

Y Elite

FGC introduced this service DTC (Direct To Consumer) in spring 2013. The test is known as the Y Elite. Key information (see also Y-DNA SNP testing chart):

  • $850 USD (introduced at $1,499, for early birds $1,299, later lowered to $1,250, $1,099, $999, $975, $850)
  • Sequencing is provided by the BGI in Hong Kong.
  • Raw data (BAM file): Read length 100 base pairs, coverage 50x, approximately 20-25 million bp are called from the ca. 58 million Y-chromosome bp (the centromere and the huge q12 region are not included), ca. 14 million bp with reliable mappings (high quality SNPs)[1][2]
  • SNP Report: approx. 1000 SNPs reported, check for known Y-SNPs, Y-DNA haplogroup assignment, Report of private (new) SNPs, in common haplogroups 25-40 private SNPs are found
  • Y-STR Report: 300+ Y chromosome STRs (Markers)
  • Approx. 99% coverage of the mtDNA sequence

Y Prime

The FGC Y Prime test was introduced in July 2014. Costs are $750 (originally priced at $625, $589 with an introductory price at launch of $599. Subsequently raised to $650). See:

BAM-file analysis

FGC for $50 provides an analysis of third party BAM files and provides the same interpretation results (SNP, STR) as mentioned above. For details see:

Whole genome tests


Introduced in summer 2014.

  • $1,850 USD (introduced at $1,800 for early birds)
  • 30x or better coverage, including the Y chromosome (expected with better SNP-coverage then Y-Elite)
  • Based on dbSNP 142 expected to cover over 100 million known variant sites (mostly SNPs) plus novel variants identified in the ~3 billion nucleotide sites in the human genome; ca. 4.7 million sites called with variation from the reference sequence. [3]
  • Data will be delivered by hard drive (100 gigabytes or more of raw data)


Privacy policy, terms and conditions

This information is not yet available on the homepage and was given by Justin Loe in the Facebook page in December 2013.

  • DNA: sent to BGI
  • Data: data is stored where analyses are performed and in our site
  • Data Access: not published, via website or direct delivery
  • IDs: BGI and/or others only receive anonymous ids, not names

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  2. Greg Magoon comparison table, published in FGC Facebook group, http://i.imgur.com/Gq7jDrX.png
  3. Greg Magoon about prototype results: "102.8 million variant sites with read depth ≥8, 106.5 million with at least one mapped read.", E-Mail Mar 23, 2015