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The following is a list of the Y chromosome DNA haplogroup and mtDNA haplogroup nicknames used by BritainsDNA, ScotlandsDNA, IrelandsDNA, CymruDNAWales and YorkshiresDNA. For many of the Y-SNPs the company uses its own proprietary S series naming system. The alternative SNP names are provided as shown on the ISOGG Y-SNP tree.

Note that the nicknames should not be taken literally. The implied associations with historical groups such as the Picts, Vikings and Berbers are hypotheses which have not been put to a scientific test. Multiple subclades would probably be represented in these historical groupings. The published research databases do not have sufficient samples in certain geographical regions. Because of the random survival rate of Y-chromosome lineages and migration within and between countries the Y-chromosomes of living people will not necessary reflect historical populations.[1]

The following is a list of the Y-DNA haplogroup nicknames used by BritainsDNA:

BritainsDNA SNP name BritainsDNA nickname Alternative SNP names
A-M13 Nilotic None
C-M216 Ancient Asian None
E-M33 Mali None
E-M34 Saracen PF2022
E-M35 Elmenteitan None
E-M78 Luxor PF2186
E-M81 Berber PF2554
E-P1 Niger-Congo PN1
E-V13 Balkans PF2211
E-V22 Ancient Egyptian None
G-S314 Ancient Caucasian PF2952/U2
I-M26 Nuragic PF4056
I-S142 Scandinavian L22
I-M253 Teutonic None
I-M284 Ancient British None
I-S24 Saxon P219/PF3859
I-S155 Rhineland L39
I-S165 Caledonian L126
I-S183 Chauci L233
I-S185 Deer hunters L161.1
I-S197 Anglo Saxon  ?
I-S333 Thracian L597
I-S392 Illyrian L621
J-M267 Arabian PF4782
J-M172 Herdsman Farmer Page28/PF4908
N-M46 Uralic Page70/Tat
O-P186 Sunda None
Q-M242 Yenisei None
R1a-M512 Pit Grave Culture PF6239
R1a-S202 Indo-Iranian Z93
R1a-S198 Kurgan Z282
R1a-S298 Yamna (formerly Brythonic) CTS7083/L664
R1a-S443 Norse Viking Z289
R1b-M222 Ancient Irish Page84/USP9Y+3636
R1b-M269 Anatolian None
R1b-S21 Germanic M405/U106
R1b-S28 Alpine PF6570/U152
R1b-S68 Hebridean Vikings L165
R1b-S116 Bell Beaker (formerly Hunter Gatherer) P312
R1b-S145 Pretani L21/M529
R1b-S168 Dalcassian L226
R1b-S169 Hibernians L159.2
R1b-S182 Norse L238
R1b-S190 Maeatae None
R1b-S300 Ancient Welsh L371
R1b-S463 Royal Stewart L745
R1b-S530 Pictish L1335
R1b-SRY2627 Iberian M167
T-M184 Babylon Page34/USP9Y+3178

The following is a list of the mtDNA haplogroup nicknames used by BritainsDNA:

mtDNA haplogroup BritainsDNA nickname
A Beringian
G Ancient Siberian
H Pioneers
H1 Western Refuges
HV Sheba
HV0 Cave Painters
I Mashriq
J First Farmers
J1b1 Shell Collectors
J2a Decorated Pottery People
K Levantine
K1a1b1a Jewish
M1 Nile
L1b Denanke
L2b Takruri
N1 Western Asia
N1a1a Pot Makers
N9 Sakhalin
R0a Qahtani
R1 Circassian
R22 Nusa Tenggara
T Foragers
U1 Colchis
U2e Indus Valley
U3 Sea Peoples
U4 Yenisei
U5 First Artists
U6 Maghreg
U8 Cro-Magnon
W Mohenjo-Daro
X Borean


  1. Shriver MD, Kittles RA. Genetic ancestry and the search for personalized genetic histories. Nature Reviews Genetics 2004: 5: 611-618.

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