EURO-DNA-CALC Instructions

Step 1:

Log-in to your 23andMe account and click on “Browse Raw Data" on the left side column under "account". 

Click “download raw data” at the top right. Then enter your password and secret answer.  Next select the profile and then choose "All DNA"

Open the downloaded file in Notepad and delete all the lines with "#" in the first position.

Name the file "23andme" and save it back in Notepad so it will be in .txt format.

Step 2:

Download the free program 'R'
On the R page, click on CRAN mirror
Scroll down to "USA" (or choose applicable country) and click on
Under "Download and Install R" select 'Windows' the version of R based upon your operating system ”Windows” for those using Windows.
Under "R for Windows" select 'base'
Under "base" click "Download R 2.10.1 for Windows” (the version will change as if new a new one has been released)
Save the file to your computer then open it and install it.

Step 3: 

Click on new version in the first sentence and download the zipped file. 
Unzip the file and read the "Readme" file using Notepad
Use the search function [All files and folders] to find "EuroDNACalc.RData”. Then double click on it (the “EuroDNACalc.RData”. That will launch R (Make sure to use the link and not the R program you saved)

In R, change the working directory ("File" menu, "Change Dir" command) to the one where you saved the "23andme.txt" file.
Enter “EuroDNACalc("23andme")” after the command prompt ">" [don’t include the first or last quotation marks]
The result comes up after several minutes, save the pie chart to your computer.

These instructions compiled and generously shared by James "Larry" Vick
EURO-DNA-CAL created by Dienekes Pontikos

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