Y-DNA Haplogroup C and its Subclades - 2016

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Because of continuing research, the structure of the Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree changes and ISOGG does its best to keep the tree updated with the latest developments in the field. The viewer may observe other versions of the tree on the Web. Email Ray Banks if the differences need clarification or if you find any broken links on this page.

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SNP SYMBOLS:  Not on 2015 tree  Confirmed within subclade  Investigational items 

^ Indicates a next-generation sequencing entry which does not yet meet quality guidelines for minimum number of reads.

^^ Indicates an entry which does not meet quality guidelines but may be helpful.

~ Indicates only an approximate location on the tree.

The criteria for a representative SNP printed in bold for a subclade is: traditional usage, testing one in multiple labs, and/or being found in the area of the chromosome used in recent research studies.

SNPs listed below in italics (colored black or red) are quality variants from next-generation sequencing reports consistently showing as representing that subgroup.

Contact Person for Haplogroup C: Ray Banks

Link to Experimental Composite Y-DNA Haplogroup C Tree by Ray Banks.

C   M130/Page51/RPS4Y711, CTS179/Z3857, CTS182, CTS840, CTS1384, CTS1396, CTS1606, CTS2014, CTS2377, CTS2416, CTS2550, CTS2599, CTS2941, CTS2955, CTS3151, CTS3153, CTS3221, CTS3233, CTS3658, CTS3910, CTS4032, CTS4676, CTS4686, CTS4934, CTS5151, CTS5383, CTS5441, CTS5813, CTS5958, CTS6203, CTS6266, CTS6378, CTS6492, CTS6893, CTS6898, CTS6916, CTS7301/M3716/PF2705, CTS7752, CTS7930, CTS8148, CTS8566, CTS8572, CTS8769, CTS9413, CTS9611, CTS9679, CTS10083, CTS10116, CTS10165, CTS10256, CTS10271/V4042, CTS10442, CTS10509, CTS10534, CTS10707, CTS10720, CTS10782, CTS11149, CTS11412, CTS11544, CTS11598, CTS11820, CTS12472, F847, F909, F917, F1029/V232, F1030, F1044/V1354, F1118, F1217/V2015, F1241/V2099, F1288/V2200, F1307/V2258, F1367, F1490, F1727, F1743, F1804, F1865/Page85, F1871, F1905/V2801, F1911/V2823, F2067, F2211, F2253, F2258, F2305, F2434, F2446, F2449, F2485, F2501, F2606, F2607, F2678, F2774, F2792/V3332, F2803, F2847/V3497, F2858/V3553, F2869/V3554, F2888/V3578, F2897/V3600, F2909/V3643, F2969, F2990, F3043, F3082, F3311, F3319, F3388, F3395, F3400, F3462, F3537, F3703, F3712, F3719, F3877, F4000, FGC16179/Y6682/Z4084, IMS-JST029149/V1075/Y1763, M216, P255/P325, P260/P324, PF2639, V77, V199, V1234/Z3950, V1580/Z3965, Y1767/Z7606, Y1788/Z3945, Y2798/Z7798, Y2799/Z7648, Y4481/Z7230, Y4496/Z7169, Y6691, Y6693/Z7171, Z3958, Z3962, Z3974, Z3977, Z3981, Z3983, Z3986, Z4004, Z4014, Z4059, Z4071, Z4072, Z4073, Z4081, Z4082, Z4083, Z4090, Z4091, Z4093, Z4095, Z4096, Z4099, Z4139, Z4145, Z4159, Z7144, Z7177, Z7785, Z18049.2
C1   F3393/Z1426, CTS6773/M3987, K29, K30, K33, K35
• • C1a   CTS11043, CTS3454, CTS8809, CTS9491, CTS11268, Z4056
• • C1a~ CTS1488, CTS1664, CTS1917, CTS3110, CTS3284, CTS4948, CTS5744/Z1395, CTS6584, CTS6737, CTS6897/Z1400, CTS7882, CTS8161, CTS10170, CTS10579, CTS11165, CTS11402, CTS11923, CTS12317, CTS12482, Z1355, Z1424, Z3949, Z3957, Z4088, Z7143, Z7173, Z7178, Z7197, Z7213, Z7214, Z7215, Z7575, Z7582, Z7602, Z7604, Z7610, Z7614, Z7633, Z7651, Z7831, Z7834, Z7837, Z7840, Z7843, Z7845, Z7853, Z7854, Z7862, Z7863, Z7932, Z7933, Z7977, Z7979 [these may instead be at M8 tree level]
• • • C1a1   M8
• • • C1a1~ CTS82/Z1364, CTS219, CTS231, CTS460, CTS470, CTS483, CTS684, CTS861, CTS896/Z1365, CTS943/Z1367, CTS951, CTS1057 CTS1140, CTS1178/Z1368, CTS1186, CTS1208, CTS1355, CTS1736, CTS1874, CTS1994, CTS2176, CTS2189, CTS2211, CTS2212, CTS2278, CTS2298, CTS2413/Z1388, CTS2609, CTS3357.1, CTS3363, CTS3368/PF693/V2645, CTS3370, CTS3374/Z1390, CTS3487, CTS3760/Z1391, CTS3825, CTS4045, CTS4050, CTS4147, CTS4173, CTS4198, CTS4318/Z1392, CTS4324, CTS4683, CTS4822/Z1393, CTS4866, CTS5010, CTS5249, CTS5312/Z1394, CTS5398, CTS5798, CTS6118.2, CTS6338 CTS5794/Z1396, CTS5942, CTS6149/Z1398, CTS6670, CTS7097/Z1401, CTS7285, CTS7538/Z1402, CTS7720, CTS7803/Z1403, CTS7952/Z1404, CTS8209, CTS8339, CTS8419, CTS8520/Z1405, CTS8715, CTS8781, CTS8798, CTS8873, CTS9122, CTS9166/Z14078, CTS9228, CTS9291, CTS9336, CTS9351, CTS9466, CTS9472, CTS9498, CTS9565/Z1408, CTS9619, CTS9932, CTS9951, CTS10045/Z1410, CTS10124/Z1411, CTS10138, CTS10195, CTS10310, CTS10312/Z1412, CTS10327, CTS10462, CTS10515, CTS10639/Z1422, CTS10831/Z1423, CTS10899, CTS11072/Z1425, CTS11241/Z1427, CTS11257, CTS11382/Z1428, CTS11581/Z1429, CTS11613, CTS11652, CTS11891, CTS11892 CTS11893/Z1430, CTS11914, FGC22000/M8378/Z7235/ZS3800, IMS-JST022455, M105, M240, P122, S16874/Z7851, SK986/Z7973, SK987/Z7836, Z1366, Z1369, Z1371, Z1374, Z1375, Z1376, Z1378, Z1379, Z1380, Z1381, Z1382, Z1383, Z1384, Z1386, Z1399, Z1420, Z1421, Z1431, Z3939, Z3940, Z3942, Z3953, Z3955.2, Z3960, Z3963, Z3964, Z3969, Z3971, Z3972, Z3975, Z3976, Z3978, Z3982, Z3984, Z3989, Z3990, Z3992, Z3993, Z3996, Z4002, Z4003, Z4021, Z4023, Z4032, Z4036, Z4039, Z4043, Z4046, Z4053, Z4057, Z4058, Z4060, Z4061, Z4065, Z4066, Z4070, Z4075, Z4076, Z4078, Z4079, Z4080, Z4087, Z4089, Z4092, Z4097, Z4098, Z4100, Z4129, Z4134, Z4137, Z4148, Z4150, Z4152, Z4154, Z7142, Z7145, Z7146, Z7147, Z7150, Z7151, Z7152, Z7164, Z7165, Z7166, Z7167, Z7168, Z7170, Z7172, Z7175, Z7176, Z7181, Z7183, Z7185, Z7186, Z7187, Z7191, Z7195, Z7203, Z7216, Z7225, Z7226, Z7236, Z7251, Z7252, Z7576, Z7577, Z7580, Z7596, Z7603, Z7612, Z7613, Z7615, Z7622, Z7623, Z7627, Z7634, Z7644, Z7685, Z7707, Z7710, Z7784, Z7786, Z7788, Z7790, Z7791, Z7838, Z7839, Z7841, Z7844, Z7846, Z7847, Z7848, Z7850, Z7852, Z7857, Z7858, Z7860, Z7868, Z7928, Z7930, Z7931, Z7935, Z7936, Z7938, Z7963, Z7964, Z7965, Z7966, Z7969, Z7982, Z7983, Z7987, Z18146
• • • • C1a1a   P121
• • • •  C1a1a1   CTS6678^, CTS10729, CTS11058, Z7054, Z7180, Z7196, Z7643, Z7650^, Z7968^, Z7972^
• • • •  C1a1a1a~ CTS5225, CTS6939, CTS7675
• • • •  C1a1a1b~ Z7163, Z31829, Z31830, Z31831, Z31832
• • • •  C1a1a2   Z1356, CTS7128/Z1357, Z4160, Z7162, Z7228, Z7231, Z7232, Z7234, Z7237, Z7856, Z7869, Z7870, Z7898, Z7899, Z7900, Z7901, Z7902, Z7903, Z7904, Z7986, Z7988, Z7989, Z7991
• • • •  C1a1a2a~ Z31833^, Z31834^, Z31835, Z31837
• • • •  C1a1a2b~ CTS786, Z31839, Z31840, Z31841
• • • C1a2   V20, FGC14605/Y11410, M1009, V86, V184, V219, V1069/Z28000, V1086/Z28001, V1327/Z28783, V1363/Z28784, V1453/Z28789, V1526/Z28792, V1876/Z28801, V2031/Z28805, V2141/Z28808, V2185/Z28809, V2268/Z28811, V2416/Z28814, V2420/Z28815, V2722/Z28853, V3163/Z28863, V3177/Z28864, V3249/Z28867, V3293/Z28932, V3390/Z28938, V3697/Z28946, V3703/Z28948, V3780/Z28951, Y10449/Z28790, Y10453/Z28799, Y10456/Z28845, Y10461/Z28859, Y10463/Z28006, Y10464/Z28874, Y10466/Z28007, Y10467/Z28898, Y10469/Z28907, Y10470/Z28914, Y10472/Z28936, Y10473/Z28940, Y10474/Z28944, Y10476/Z28947, Y10477/Z28968, Y10478/Z28975, Y10479/Z28977, Y10488/Z28016, Y10489/Z28017, Y11330/Z28771, Y11332/Z28772, Y11333/Z28773, Y11334/Z28774, Y11335/Z28776, Y11338/Z28780, Y11341/Z28785, Y11342/Z28786, Y11343/Z28788, Y11346/Z28003, Y11349/Z28796, Y11352/Z28798, Y11359/Z28818, Y11360/Z28820, Y11368/Z28832, Y11369/Z28833, Y11370/Z28842, Y11371/Z28843, Y11375/Z28005, Y11383/Z28851, Y11385/Z28852, Y11387/Z28855, Y11389/Z28861, Y11390/Z28862, Y11392/Z28865, Y11393/Z28866, Y11394/Z28868, Y11397/Z28869, Y11401/Z28872, Y11402/Z28873, Y11403/Z28875, Y11405/Z28876, Y11406/Z28877, Y11409/Z28883, Y11413/Z28885, Y11417/Z28889, Y11420/Z28891, Y11425/Z28897, Y11428/Z28900, Y11430/Z28904, Y11431/Z28910, Y11432/Z28911, Y11433/Z28912, Y11434/Z28913, Y11436/Z28915, Y11437/Z28918, Y11438/Z28917, Y11440/Z28919, Y11441/Z28920, Y11443/Z28924, Y11444/Z28925, Y11445/Z28926, Y11446/Z28927, Y11447/Z28928, Y11448/Z28930, Y11449/Z28931, Y11452/Z28937, Y11456/Z28950, Y11460/Z28959, Y11462/Z28011, Y11463/Z28960, Y11464/Z28964, Y11466/Z28965, Y11467/Z28967, Y11469/Z28969, Y11472/Z28978, Y11473/Z28979, Y11474/Z28982, Y11492/Z28015, Y11588/Z28804, Y11590/Z28823, Y11591/Z28831, Y11592/Z28860, Y11594/Z28963, Y12186/Z9438/Z28922, YP332.2, Z28834, Z28835, Z28837, Z28838, Z28985, Z28983, Z28986, Z28988, Z28989, Z28991, Z28996, Z28999, Z29001, Z29003, Z29004, Z29005, Z29007, Z29010, Z29011, Z29012, Z29018, Z29019, Z29020, Z29022, Z29023, Z29024, Z29320, Z29321, Z29322, Z29323, Z29324, Z29325, Z29326, Z30219, Z30221, Z30226, Z30457, Z30458, Z30459, Z30460, Z30461, Z30463, Z38842
• • • • C1a2a   V182, A701, S23981, Z28004, Z28009, Z28779, Z28794, Z28795, Z28803, Z28810, Z28816, Z28840, Z28844, Z28857, Z28870, Z28880, Z28884, Z28893, Z28894, Z28902, Z28941, Z28945, Z28972, Z28973, Z28984, Z28987, Z28992, Z28997, Z28998, Z29000, Z29002, Z29008, Z29009, Z29013, Z29015, Z29327, Z29328, Z38843, Z38844
• • • •  C1a2a1   V222, FGC15334, FGC15527, Z28002, Z28008, Z28767, Z28775, Z28777, Z28778, Z28781, Z28782, Z28787, Z28791, Z28800, Z28802, Z28806, Z28807, Z28812, Z28813, Z28817, Z28819, Z28824, Z28826, Z28827, Z28839, Z28841, Z28846, Z28848, Z28854, Z28856, Z28871, Z28878, Z28879, Z28881, Z28882, Z28886, Z28888, Z28892, Z28895, Z28899, Z28901, Z28905, Z28906, Z28908, Z28909, Z28916, Z28921, Z28923, Z28933, Z28934, Z28935, Z28939, Z28949, Z28952, Z28953, Z28955, Z28956, Z28957, Z28958, Z28966, Z28970, Z28971, Z28980, Z28981, Z28990, Z28993, Z28994, Z29006, Z29014, Z29016, Z29017, Z29021
• • • •  •  C1a2a1a   Z31808
• • • •  •  C1a2a1b   Y12157/Z30466
• • • •  C1a2a2   Z29329
• • C1b   F1370, Z16480
• • • C1b1   K281
• • • • C1b1a   B66/Z16458, Z16449, Z16450, Z16451, Z16452, Z16453, Z16454, Z16455, Z16456, Z16457, Z16459, Z16460, Z16461, Z16462, Z16460, Z16461, Z16462, Z16463, Z16464, Z16465, Z16466, Z16467, Z16468, Z16469, Z16470, Z16471, Z16472, Z16473, Z16475, Z16476, Z16477, Z16478, Z16479, Z16482, Z16483, Z16484, Z16485, Z16486, Z16487, Z16488, Z16557, Z16558
• • • •  C1b1a1   M356
• • • •  C1b1a1a   P92, K105, K43, K45, K59, K61, K69, K78, K83, K88, K90, K94, K99, K108, K129, K134, K141, K146, K147, K156, K161, K162, K181, K184, K185, K186, K187, K188, K205, K245, K246, K249, K252, K260, K261, K267, K280, K293, K310, K317, K319, K320, K323, K327, K331, K358, K377, K396, K398, K401, K402, K414, K415, K417, K426, K427, K435, Z12426, Z12427, Z12428, Z12429, Z12430, Z12431, Z12432, Z12433, Z12434, Z12435, Z12436, Z12437, Z12438, Z12439, Z12440, Z12441, Z12442, Z12443, Z12444, Z12445, Z12446, Z12447, Z12448, Z12449, Z12450, Z12451, Z12452, Z12453, Z12454, Z12455, Z12456, Z12457, Z12458, Z12459, Z12460, Z12461, Z12462, Z12463, Z12464, Z12465, Z12466, Z12467, Z12468, Z12469, Z12470, Z12471, Z12472, Z12473, Z12474, Z12475, Z12476, Z12477, Z12478, Z12479
• • • •  • • C1b1a1a1   Z5895, K40, K41, K56, K70, K74, K79, K102, K104, K113, K119, K136, K138, K153, K159, K175, K191, K195, K196, K197, K198, K223, K231, K234, K238, K258, K274, K277, K296, K297, K303, K308, K309, K324, K332, K333, K341, K361, K382, K395, K399, K400, K404, K406, K407, K412, K429, K434, Z12482, Z12483, Z12484, Z12485, Z12486, Z12487, Z12488, Z12489, Z12490, Z12491, Z12492, Z12493, Z12494, Z12495, Z12496
• • • •  • • • C1b1a1a1a   K96, K107, K131, K163, K233, K272, K283, K425, Z12480, Z12481, Z12497, Z12498, Z12499, Z12500, Z12502, Z12503
• • • •  • • • • C1b1a1a1a1   K42, K44, K60, K68, K77, K86, K101, K117, K118, K135, K140, K143, K209, K227, K235, K236, K244, K276, K300, K316, K338, K362, K418/Z12513, K444, Z12504, Z12505, Z12506, Z12507, Z12508, Z12509, Z12510.1/Z15303.1, Z12511, Z12512, Z12514
• • • •  • • • •  C1b1a1a1a1a   Z5896, K92, K225, K428, Z12515, Z12516, Z12517, Z12518, Z12519, Z12520
• • • •  • • • •  C1b1a1a1a1a1   K193, Z12521
• • • •  • • • •  • • C1b1a1a1a1a1a   Z12522
• • • •  • • • •  • • • C1b1a1a1a1a1a1   K466, K468, Z12527, Z12528
• • • •  • • • •  • • • • C1b1a1a1a1a1a1a   K469, K470, Z12530
• • • •  • • • •  • • • •  C1b1a1a1a1a1a1a1   Z5898
• • • •  C1b1a1b   Z5899
• • • •  • • C1b1a1b1   Z5900, Z12318, Z12319, Z12320, Z12321, Z12322, Z12323, Z12324, Z12325, Z12326, Z12327, Z12328, Z12329, Z12330, Z12331, Z12332, Z12333, Z12334, Z12335, Z12336, Z12337, Z12338, Z12339, Z12340, Z12341, Z12342, Z12343, Z12344, Z12345, Z12346, Z12347, Z12348, Z12349, Z12350, Z12351, Z12352, Z12353, Z12354, Z12355, Z12356, Z12357, Z12358, Z12359, Z12360, Z12361, Z12362, Z12363, Z12364, Z12365, Z12366, Z12367, Z12368, Z12369, Z12370, Z12371, Z12372, Z12373, Z12374, Z12375, Z12376, Z12377, Z12378, Z12379, Z12380, Z12381, Z12382, Z12383, Z12384, Z12385, Z12386, Z12387, Z12388, Z12389, Z12390, Z12391, Z12392, Z12393, Z12394, Z12395, Z12396, Z12397, Z12398, Z12399, Z12400, Z12401, Z12402, Z12403, Z12404, Z12405, Z12406, Z12407, Z12408, Z12409, Z12410, Z12411, Z12412, Z12413, Z12414, Z12415, Z12416, Z12417, Z12418, Z12419, Z12420, Z12421, Z12422, Z12423, Z12424, Z12425
• • • •  C1b1a2   B65
• • • •  C1b1a2a   B67, Z32412, Z32413
• • • •  C1b1a2b   F725, F736, F741
• • • •  • • C1b1a2b1   B465, Z32182, Z32183
• • • C1b2   B477/Z31885, FGC10375.2, PF5328, PH1321, PH1421, PH255, PH3092, PH3244, PH3409, PH4087, PH4346, PH5401, SK1010, SK1013, Z31877, Z31878, Z31879, Z31880, Z31881, Z31882, Z31883, Z31884, Z31886, Z31887, Z31888, Z31889, Z31890
• • • • C1b2a   M38
• • • • C1b2a~V248
• • • •  C1b2a1   M208
• • • •  C1b2a1a   P33_1, P33_2, P33_3
• • • •  C1b2a1b   P54
• • • •  C1b2a1c   B460, Z32308, Z32309
• • • •  C1b2a2~P355
• • • • C1b2b   M347, P309
• • • •  C1b2b1   M210
C2   M217, P44, Z1453
C2~V87, F3952.1, IMS-JST645622+13
• • C2a~M93
• • C2b   L1373, F1396, F1906, F2386, F2661, F3348, F3447, F3738, F3752, F3769, F3776, F3783, F3787, F3805, F3831, F3847, F3851, F3904, F3914, F3923, F3929, F3950, F3951, F3954, F3972, F3977, F3980, F3981, F3982, F3986, F4012
• • C2b~ CTS117/M386, M532
• • • C2b1   F1699, F1788, F3927, F4032, FGC16324, FGC16362, FGC16611, Z22209, Z22210
• • • C2b1~ M325/S27456/Y6696
• • • • C2b1a   F3918
• • • •  C2b1a1   F4015
• • • •  C2b1a1a   P39
• • • •  • • C2b1a1a1   Z30568, Z30583, Z30586, Z30589, Z30591, Z30595, Z30752, Z30769
• • • •  • • • C2b1a1a1a   Z30538, Z30547, Z30563, Z30565, Z30585
• • • •  • • • • C2b1a1a1a1   Z30750
• • • •  • • • • C2b1a1a1a2   Z30764
• • • •  C2b1a1b   F1756, F3985, F3613, F3647/M1923, F3825, F3844, F3868, F3896, F3937, F3955, F3971, F4006, F4017
• • • •  • • C2b1a1b1   F3830
• • • • C2b1b   M48
• • • • C2b1b~L1369
• • • •  C2b1b1   M86, M77
• • • •  C2b1b1~ L1367, L1370, L1371, L1372
• • • •  C2b1b1a   B469
• • • •  • • C2b1b1a1   B87, Z32853, Z32854
• • • •  C2b1b1b   B80, Z32868, Z32869
• • • •  • • C2b1b1b1   B471, Z32409, Z32410
• • • •  • • C2b1b1b2   B81, Z32876, Z32877
• • • •  C2b1b2   B90, Z32895, Z32896
• • • •  C2b1b2a   B92, Z32964, Z32965
• • • • C2b1c   F1918, F4002, F966, F2007, F2914, F3747, F3770, F3779, F3791, F3795, F3810, F3827, F3834, F3897, F3919, F3932, F3939, F3945, F3991, F4023, F4031, F4141, M504, FGC16450/M546/Y4605
• • • •  C2b1c1   M401
• • • • C2b1c~ FGC16521/P369/Y4654
• • C2c~P53.1
• • C2d~P62
• • C2e   F2613/Z1338
• • C2e~ F1668/P323, F1067, F894, Z4113
• • • C2e1   Z1300, CTS1019, CTS4021/Z1301, CTS4590, F2982, F3895, K37, Z3874, Z4040, Z8441, Z8446, Z12153, Z12252, Z12257, Z12258
• • • C2e1~ CTS2457.1, F4013
• • • • C2e1a   CTS2657, CTS11990, F3755, F3921, F3949, F3967, F4027, F4035, Z16231, Z16232, Z16233
• • • •  C2e1a1   CTS8579, F3737, F3739, F3836, F3883, F4040
• • • •  C2e1a1a   M407, F3784, F3785, F3850, F3853, F3864, Z31648, Z31649, Z31650, Z31651, Z31652, Z31653, Z31654, Z31655, Z31656, Z31657, Z31658, Z31659, Z31660, Z31661, Z31662, Z31663
• • • •  • • C2e1a1a1   B97, Z33003
• • • • C2e1b   Z8440, F3880, Z3994, Z12209
• • • •  C2e1b1   F1319, F1673, F3777, F3797, F3799.1, Z12177, Z12179, Z12202, Z12205, Z12253, Z12254, Z12255, Z12256
• • • •  C2e1b1a   F3735, F3748, F3750/M4236, F3806
• • • •  C2e1b2   CTS3385
• • • C2e2   F845, CTS3958, CTS5126, CTS6704/M8145, CTS10923, CTS12931, K500, K502, K503, K504, K505, K506, K507, K508, K509, K510, K546, K547, K548, K549, K550, K551, K553, K554, Z12259, Z12260, Z12261, Z12262, Z12263, Z12264, Z12265, Z12266, Z12267, Z12268, Z12269, Z12270, Z12271, Z12272, Z12273, Z12274, Z12275
• • • • C2e2a   K511
• • • •  C2e2a1   K516, K512, K513, K514, K515, K517, K518, K519, K520, K521, K522/K543, K523.1, K524, K525, K526, K527, K528, K529, K530, K531, K532, K533, K534, K536, K537, K538, K539, K540, K542, K544, K545, Z12276, Z12277, Z12278, Z12279, Z12280, Z12281, Z12282, Z12283, Z12284, Z12285, Z12286, Z12287, Z12288, Z12289, Z12290, Z12291, Z12292, Z12293, Z12294, Z12295, Z12296, Z12297, Z12298, Z12299, Z12300, Z12301, Z12302, Z12303, Z12304, Z12305, Z12306, Z12307, Z12308, Z12309, Z12310, Z12311, Z12312, Z12313, Z12314, Z12315, Z12316, Z12317
• • C2f~F978/IMS-JST002613-27