Y-DNA Testing Comparison Chart

Data current as of:
12 Aug 2008
DNA Ancestry DNA Heritage Ethnoancestry Family Tree DNA6 Nat'l Geo
Oxford Ancestors
10-12-18 markers N/A N/A $140-$180
Retail Project
23-27-33-37 markers $149*
N/A9 N/A
Retail Project
43-45-46-67 markers $199*


Retail Project
Additional markers N/A N/A N/A Yes7 N/A N/A
DNA Extraction Fee Included Included Depends5 Included Included Included
Discount In projects1 In surname
No In surname & 
heritage projects
No No
Surname Projects? Yes Yes No Yes N/A No
Geographical projects? Yes No No Yes N/A No
Haplogroup projects? Yes No No Yes N/A No
SNP test No $99 Subgroup tests
$40 - $280
$65 Some10 Included
Free haplogroup determination Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Haplogroup chart Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DNA storage offered Yes (Free)
20 yrs.
No Yes (Free)
25 yrs.
Yes (Free)
25 yrs.
Yes (Free)
5 yrs.
Sponsored public database Yes2 Y-Base N/A Y-Search N/A Y-Chromosome12 
Lab(s) used Sorenson Genomics Sorenson Genomics/
U of London/
Univ. of Arizona/
FTDNA's Genomics Research Center
Univ. of Arizona Oxford
Company hdqrts Salt Lake City, Utah England Scotland Houston, Texas Washington DC England
Year founded 2007(2001)3 2003 2005 2000 2005 2000

N/A - Not Applicable
*DNA Ancestry offers ISOGG members a 50% discount on testing now through September 15, 2008.

1DNA Ancestry provides a 15% discount to Relative Genetics projects until their project discount system is debuted..

2DNA Ancestry's database allows users to upload results from other companies/labs.

3In 2007, DNA Ancestry acquired Relative Genetics.

4 DNA Heritage uses Sorenson Genomics Lab for Y-DNA testing, and utilizes Marligen Bioscience Labs for SNP testing. (Source: Alastair Greenshields 8/26/05 e-mail)

5Excerpt from the pop-up box on the order page: "The difference in price is due to the one off cost of extracting your DNA. Extraction fees include the cost of the kit itself as well as postage fees and are the norm at most DNA labs. Returning customers are considered as those who have previously had DNA extracted with EthnoAncestry. With the exception of the Haploview S-series upgrade, Ethnoancestry Haploview customers are required to purchase a new DNA extraction. The extraction process used by Marligen is different to that used by our lab in London. Oppenheimer interpretation only customers are similarly not regarded as returning customers."

Family Tree DNA also processes tests for African DNA, along with its European subsidiary iGENEA, and DNA Ancestry & Family Origin.  Participants
who join Family Tree DNA's database will have kit numbers that begin with 'A' from African DNA, 'E' from iGENEA, and 'M' from DNA Ancestry & Family Origin. National Geographic Genographic kit transfers begin with 'N'.

7 Additional markers may be ordered through Family Tree DNA's Houston-based Genomics Research Center.

8National Geographic Genographic Project is a 5-year project which commenced in April 2005.  National Geographic's DNA processing company partner is Family Tree DNA.  Genographic participants may opt to join a Family Tree DNA genealogical project once their results are in. Likewise, Family Tree DNA customers may upload their results to the Genographic Project for a $15 fee.    However, both National Geographic and Family Tree DNA are separate entities and becoming a customer of one, does not automatically affiliate you with the other.

9If a Genographic participant opts to upload their results to Family Tree DNA, they may elect to upgrade their test to 25, 37 or 67 markers.

10If the haplogroup cannot be reliably predicted, then SNP confirmation might be performed at no charge to the participant.

11This price has been converted to U.S. dollars.  Price is 180.00 (BP sterling)

12 Oxford's Y-Chromosome database is partially accessible to the public. The database is viewable, but only Oxford customers may add to it, and contact any matches.

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