Personal Genome Tests

Personal Genome tests include ancestry information along with medical information.   Usually, the tests will not tell if you have a particular disease, but whether you have an increased predisposition for it.

Introduction to Personal Genome tests:
Ann Turner on Personal Genomics Companies 23andMe vs deCODEme

Ann Turner - 'Satiable Curiosity Spring 2008:
SNPs on Chips: A New Source of Data for Y-chromosome Studies

Megan Smolenyak-Smolenyak tour of her husband's deCODEme results:
A First Look at deCODEme DNA Results

See what the test kit looks like:
23andMe on the Today Show

A compilation of resources and links:
Ron Scott's Genetic Genealogy page

deCODEme SNP spreadsheet

Compilations by Roberta Estes
23andMe Autosomal Testing - Will 3 Sisters Test the Same???
23andMe Autosomal Testing and Proving Relationships
23andMe and Proving Native Ancestry
23andMe - How Helpful are the Health Traits Really?

Success Stories
Personal genome tests have enriched and even saved lives.

Genetic test helps to detect prostate cancer

VTE treatment plan

deCODEme Customer Stories

ISOGG's Success Stories (See autosomal DNA section)


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