DNA Consultants and Related Services

Many questions regarding DNA results analysis can be answered by posting queries on any of the following mailing lists/forums posted on ISOGG's "Resources" page.
  For more extensive results analysis and other services, ISOGG has compiled a listing of available DNA consultants and specialists.

The following genetic genealogists offer their services for a fee. ISOGG does not assume any responsibility for the quality or completion of any analysis or services undertaken or contracted by those researchers. Any contracts of this kind are private agreements between the person requesting the service and the specialist.


Mitochondrial (mtDNA) Consultant Specialty

Roberta Estes


Mitochondrial DNA Analysis: Customized haplogroup reports

Linda Jonas

Finding Ancestry with mitochondrial DNA: Services include making recommendations for DNA testing, interpreting your mitochondrial DNA results, genealogical research, and finding genealogical matches with mtDNA to extend your family tree.

Ann Turner

Mitochondrial (mtDNA) Full Sequence Analysis
Includes: Detailed report with description of the significance of each mutation combined with a literature search for the most distinctive ("private") mutations. 


Bonnie Schrack

Mitochondrial (mtDNA) HVR1+2 Analysis
Interpretation of HVR1 & 2 and full sequence test results, database and literature searches, and genealogical research.  Specialties are mtDNA haplogroups I, N1a, b, & c, and W.

Y-DNA Consultant Specialty

Roberta Estes


Y-chromosome DNA Results Anaylsis: Customized haplogroup reports.

Phillip Goff

Y-chromosome DNA Results and General Genealogy Research
Includes: Survey of DNA databases and academic studies, combined with traditional genealogy research to help get around brick walls.

Linda Jonas

Finding Ancestry with Y-chromosome DNA: Services include making recommendations for DNA testing, interpreting your Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) results, genealogical research, and finding genealogical matches with Y-DNA to extend your family tree.

Charles Kerchner

Y-chromosome DNA Results Consulting, Mentoring, and Managing Includes: Services for GG DNA Testing Projects whether for a multi-person family Surname Project or only one person seeking some answers.

Bonnie Schrack

Y-chromosome DNA Results Consulting
Includes: Interpretation of Y-STR and SNP test results, strategies for further testing, database and literature searches, mapping, network diagrams, and genealogical research. Focus on deep ancestry and sub-clades.  Specialty is the Y-haplogroup J, including J1 & J2.

Autosomal/Admixture (atDNA) Consultant Specialty

CeCe Moore


Autosomal/Admixture (atDNA) Results Consulting

Consulting and assistance utilizing autosomal DNA results and tools in the context of genealogy. Assisting adoptees in the search for their roots utilizing DNA testing.

Roberta Estes


Autosomal/Admixture (atDNA) Results Consulting
Specializing in mixed and minority ancestry, Native and African American admixed people seeking their roots

Shoshone Peguese-Elmardi

Autosomal/Admixture (atDNA) Results Consulting
Includes: Genealogical consulting/interpretation of DNA results to help determine Native ancestry as well as ethnic admixture for individuals who are seeking to prove their Native American ancestry through DNA testing and/or genealogical research.


DNA Speakers Specialty

Megan Smolenyak-Smolenyak


Sample of speeches: "Trace Your Roots With DNA"; "Beyond Y-DNA: Your Genetic Genealogy Options"



Roberta Estes


Sample of speeches: "Intro to DNA & Genealogy"; "Working With Y-line DNA (or mtDNA) Results"; "Roanoke:The Lost Colony"; See http://www.dnaexplain.com/PublicSpeaking/Descriptions.asp for more samples.

Linda Jonas

Sample of Speeches: "How to use DNA for Genealogy"

Charles Kerchner

Sample speech:
"Genetic Genealogy - An Introduction"


Barra McCain


Sample of speeches: "The Ulster Diaspora & Molecular DNA Studies"; "Establishing Your DNA Study"

Cheri Mello


Sample of speeches: "Overcoming brick-walls with DNA"; "DNA & Genealogy"; "DNA Mishmash"

DNA Website Design & Programmer  

Sean Silver

DNA Project Website Design, Construction, Hosting
Website example:

NOTICE: Only ISOGG members may be listed. Credentials and references must be submitted and are subject to panel review and approval. ISOGG reserves the right to decline or remove listings at our discretion.  ISOGG does not charge, nor receive any remuneration for listings.


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