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The following genetic genealogy tools and resources have been created by ISOGG members for the benefit of all.

Admin Checklist
Georgia Kinney Bopp's checklist aids DNA Project Admins with everything they need to know to keep track of their project participants.

DNA 101: Y-Chromosome Testing
John Blair's site is a must-read and should be linked to on every DNA project website.
British DNA Sources By County
Spreadsheet compiled by John Eckersley

DYS 464
Rachel Rein's DYS 464 page is an excellent compilation of resources to assist with deciphering the complexities of this multi-copy marker.

Dave Hamm's utility to convert Family Tree DNA's Y-chromosome repeat data format into raw code (i.e.: ATGC)
FTDNA* Genetic Distance & Family Group Assignments
Georgia Kinney Bopp's page will assist in determining genetic relatedness between two DNA matches.

An Overview and Discussion of Various DNA Mutation Rates and DNA Haplotype Mutation Rates
Charles F. Kerchner Jr.'s site contains comprehensive information on mutation rates and tools to help determine the ancestral haplotype .
Mutation Rate Calculator
Ann Turner's downloadable program for computing mutation rates

Y-DNA Comparison Utility
Dean McGee created the first publicly accessible tool to compute TMRCA (Time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor)
Y-DNA Inheritance Chart
Created by Dennis West, to illustrate the path of the Y-chromosome
yGED Paternal GEDCOM Generator for Y-Chromosome Studies
Roger Arrick's program simplifies the creation of GEDCOM files
Y-Haplogroup Predictor
Also known as "Whit's Predictor", Whit Athey pioneered this free and easy-to-use utility to predict a haplogroup using Y-STR results.
13-13-23 Distribution
Leo Little's helpful compilation of the distribution of DYS390=23, DYS392=13, and DYS393=13 in YHRD and in Blood of the Isles (by B.C. Sykes, Bantam Press, 2006)
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